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Everyone has memories to share, keep them alive forever.

Respectance was and is the first to truly use emo-social media, the combination of rich media with relevant content, to provide an outlet for emotional expression. Respectance fully understands that consumer behaviour changes towards death, grief and expressing emotions, and offers the new way consumers want to interact and engage with death, dealing with a loss, and share that with the people around.

Respectance lets you instantly create a personalized Tribute for someone who passed away or has been missed for many years already. Family and friends come together on Respectance to share their favourite memories and relive those irreplaceable moments. By using Respectance you can now indicate whether the Tribute is for a family member, friend, idol, not related person, pet or an event. By this, people, pets and events that matter in your life are now online memorialised.

Respectance; never forget, always remember.





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