Green Energy Hero

It’s very sad to hear that during this crisis times of the earth we all got stuck in a health crisis taking away the focus of things on which we could have such a big impact.

Last Tuesday the Green Cowboy S. David Freeman passed away because of a heart attack. He was 94 years old and not much was talked about him in these weeks. He deserves more than that, hence our little blog devoted to him.

Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

Green energy, stop wasting energy, global warming. All themes are so much accepted as crucial to our world’s existence. This man has been busy with these themes in different roles for decades on end. He also helped to shape the Green paraghraphs with the White House.

He already talked about the issue of climate change in the 1973 book “Energy: The new era”, where he was quoted:

“We can only be certain that man is tampering ignorantly and perhaps dangerously with the planet’s environment in a very fundamental way. And if we find that excessive fuel consumption is causing threatening changes in climate, the lead time for reducing fuel consumption to ward off the threat will be quite short.”

As a real capricorn he never let go off ideals he believed in and kept on fighting for these till his final days. He was convinced of the weight of the issues and will be happy with the fact that nowadays people are so much more aware of the importance to stop wasting energy. His energy was not wasted. Thank you sir.

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