Green Energy Hero

It’s very sad to hear that during this crisis times of the earth we all got stuck in a health crisis taking away the focus of things on which we could have such a big impact.

Last Tuesday the Green Cowboy S. David Freeman passed away because of a heart attack. He was 94 years old and not much was talked about him in these weeks. He deserves more than that, hence our little blog devoted to him.

Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

Green energy, stop wasting energy, global warming. All themes are so much accepted as crucial to our world’s existence. This man has been busy with these themes in different roles for decades on end. He also helped to shape the Green paraghraphs with the White House.

He already talked about the issue of climate change in the 1973 book “Energy: The new era”, where he was quoted:

“We can only be certain that man is tampering ignorantly and perhaps dangerously with the planet’s environment in a very fundamental way. And if we find that excessive fuel consumption is causing threatening changes in climate, the lead time for reducing fuel consumption to ward off the threat will be quite short.”

As a real capricorn he never let go off ideals he believed in and kept on fighting for these till his final days. He was convinced of the weight of the issues and will be happy with the fact that nowadays people are so much more aware of the importance to stop wasting energy. His energy was not wasted. Thank you sir.

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Andre Hazes forever- 15 jaar

De grootste volkszanger van Nederland, André Gerardus “André” Hazes (30 June 1951 – 23 September 2004), is vandaag exact 15 jaar niet meer onder ons. Of toch wel? Het lijkt erop dat hij nog dagelijks in het nieuws is.

Zijn schare fans is enorm en lijkt ondanks dat hij alweer anderhalf decennium niet meer hier is, nog steeds toeneemt. Vaak als een artiest ontglipt, dan zien we een tijdelijke opwelling in populariteit, maar daarna vervagen ze geleidelijk. Bij Andre Hazes lijkt dit niet het geval.

Wat is het geheim dat zijn vlam niet uitgaat en hij nog wekelijks met veel passie wordt meegezongen bij Ajax Amsterdam wedstrijden? Hoe kan het dat als we zijn zoon, Andre Junior, en zijn dochter, Roxeanne Hazes, zien zingen, we toch steeds aan hem moeten denken?

Ons vermoeden is dat hij  diep verbonden is met de Hollandse geest, misschien meer nog dan het koningshuis. En misschien juist doordat hij verre van perfect was, of probeerde een perfect geregisseerd beeld van zichzelf naar buiten probeerde te brengen, dat hij daarom zo goed begrepen wordt door Nederlanders. Waarachtigheid, of “realness”, dat is niet iets dat je kan veinzen. Dat ben je, en dat gaan mensen nooit vergeten.

Andre Hazes forever.

Respectance #RIP

Respectance Header

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Respectance’s new platform has officially been launched. To celebrate this, Respectance offers one free year of sponsorship to all existing tributes and two months of free sponsorship to all new tributes.

Let’s have a look at Respectance’s new and improved functionalities.

Always and everywhere Respectance

Mobile tabletLast year our users encountered a lot of problems while using Respectance. Unfortunately we weren’t able to solve these problems within a short amount of time. This made us think of another solution to provide our users the services they deserve. The solution was to create a whole new and improved version of Respectance’s platform. Creating a new platform required a lot of thinking but one thing was for sure; everybody with a smartphone should always and everywhere have access to our platform. This changed our starting point. Respectance should be the worlds first memorial website that works great on smartphones and tablets. This gives our users the ability to post memories, photos and videos to a tribute instantly.

Social sharing #RIP

Besides being accessible always and everywhere, it should be easy to access Respectance. Nowadays almost everyone has a Facebook account and what’s more easy then connecting your Facebook account to Respectance’s new platform? That’s why we chose to add the function to signup to Respectance, using your Facebook account.

But that’s not the only Facebook functionality we’ve build into Respectance. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to share your tributes and memories on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is very easy, just click on the options button in Respectance and chose the platform you want to share your tribute or memory to.


Nelson Mandela tributeWhat is Respectance without creating tributes and sharing memories? We thought it would be nice to renew the functionalities and upgrade the designs. One of our great improvements is adding a heart to a tribute or memory. We think this is a good way of showing love and compassion to the deceased person and his or her relatives. Of course we also thought about all standard functionalities Respectance already offered. Like posting memories, photos and videos. As said before, the designs also changed. A tribute should give Respectance’s users a personal feeling. We kept this in mind with all design choices we made.

What’s next?

Now we have finished Respectance’s new platform. Of course there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we would like to ask you for your help. Please leave a comment with your improvements, ideas or feedback. Or click here to send us an email. We hope to see you soon on Respectance.