Everyone has memories to share, keep them alive forever.

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Respectance fully understands that consumer behaviour changes towards death, grief and expressing emotions, and is offering the new way consumers want to interact and engage with death, dealing with a loss, and share that with the people around. Why should you use Respectance? Losing a loved one is hard. To help you and let you hold… Continue reading Everyone has memories to share, keep them alive forever.

Respectance #RIP

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Click here to go to Respectance Respectance’s new platform has officially been launched. To celebrate this, Respectance offers one free year of sponsorship to all existing tributes and two months of free sponsorship to all new tributes. Let’s have a look at Respectance’s new and improved functionalities. Always and everywhere Respectance Last year our users… Continue reading Respectance #RIP

Brenda Schmitz, a real guardian Angel.

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“Hello my name is Brenda Schmitz. When you are in receipt of this letter i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer.” These are the words Brenda started her letter to her husband, 4 children and her husband’s new wife with. Brenda’s final wish before she died was to mail a very special letter to a local radio station… Continue reading Brenda Schmitz, a real guardian Angel.

#RIP 2013

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Death by numbers First subject on the infographic is the overall death facts of 2013. For example, did you know that last year 56.608.240 people have died, including 5.003.573 because of smoking?  Some very shocking facts you’ll never think about until you’re confronted. Besides that, there’s a list of the most discussed deaths in 2013.… Continue reading #RIP 2013

Nu.nl Interview

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Yeah!! we got an interview for nu.nl, the biggest news site of Holland. So proud that we’re officially out. I selected the venue, hope you get it http://www.nuzakelijk.nl/20080829/nuzakelijk-video/respectance-levendige-community-voor-doden