Everyone has memories to share, keep them alive forever.

Respectance fully understands that consumer behaviour changes towards death, grief and expressing emotions, and is offering the new way consumers want to interact and engage with death, dealing with a loss, and share that with the people around.


Why should you use Respectance?

Losing a loved one is hard. To help you and let you hold on to memories, you can start a tribute. Dedicate a place online to your loved one. A tribute is free and it is forever. You can also leave memories and keep photos safe.

Whenever you have the need to feel the presence again of your loved one. Just go to the special place with memories and photos on your smartphone.

How easy is Respectance?

You make a special page and become the owner of all memories. Collect all those moments in words and pictures. You can keep it private or share it with friends and family. Together you can keep them alive and always come back and add new moments. You can identify yourself with a mail address or use Facebook to login.

We’re always there to assist you if you need help. You can build the memory as pleases you. Take your time.

What does Respectance bring you?

Starting a tribute is free. You can also sponsor a tribute and increase your options. Respectance is made for use on most computers, tablets and smartphones. You can access your tribute 24/7, whenever you feel the need. Sharing memories and reading and watching the stories of others is a great way to give your loss a place. A place in your heart.

Share your memories,

Kind regards,

The Respectance team

10 tips over erfbelasting


Het overlijden van een dierbare is al zwaar genoeg. Na het overlijden van een dierbare worden de erfgenamen vaak overspoeld, niet enkel door emoties, maar ook door post en ‘regelwerk’. Brieven van de belastingdienst, de notaris, verzekeraars en ga zo maar door. Wij hebben voor jullie 10 tips opgesteld welke voor de erfgenamen zeer handig kunnen zijn voor de afwikkeling van de erfenis.

1. Erfenis zo snel mogelijk beneficiar aanvaarden. Beneficiar aanvaarden van de erfenis betekent dat deze alleen wordt geaccepteerd bij een positief saldo. Op deze manier beland je niet in een situatie waarbij jij als erfgenaam moet opdraaien voor de kosten wanneer er meer schulden dan bezittingen zijn. Het beneficiar aanvaarden van de erfenis dient te gebeuren via een notaris.

2. Overweeg een uitsluitingsclausule, oftewel anti-schoonzoon clausule. Zo voorkomt u dat de erfenis bij niet-directe familie terecht komt.

3. Neem een democratieclausule. Dit bepaalt dat uw nabestaanden beslissingen over de erfenis, bij meerderheid van stemmen kunnen nemen.

4. Benoem een executeur-afwikkelingsbewindvoerder, iemand die alle spullen uit de nalatenschap verkoopt en de opbrengsten over de erfgenamen verdeelt.

5. Laat een oud testament nakijken op gedateerde formuleringen.

6. Woningen voor de schenk- en erfbelasting moeten worden gewaardeerd op de WOZ-waarde. Dit kan verwarrend zijn. Maar is wel leidend.

7. Overweeg als ouder tijdens leven al bedragen te schenken aan je erfgenamen. Zo bespaar je eventueel erfbelasting.

8. Papieren schenking van ouder naar kind. Ouders schenken hun kind een bedrag en lenen het meteen terug, tegen 6 procent rente. Na overlijden betaalt het kind er geen erfbelasting over.

9. Bij de verdeling van een nalatenschap kan je aandeel als erfgenaam verbeuren als je bij de verdeling van de nalatenschap goederen verzwijgt.

10. De eerste tien jaar na emigratie worden Nederlanders voor het successierecht behandeld alsof ze nog in Nederland wonen.

Heeft u ervaringen of tips die u wilt delen, laat het ons weten. Voor vragen, opmerkingen, ervaringen en tips kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen via info@respectance.com of via onze social media kanalen.

Deel je herinneringen,

Het Respectance team

Respectance #RIP

Respectance Header

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Respectance’s new platform has officially been launched. To celebrate this, Respectance offers one free year of sponsorship to all existing tributes and two months of free sponsorship to all new tributes.

Let’s have a look at Respectance’s new and improved functionalities.

Always and everywhere Respectance

Mobile tabletLast year our users encountered a lot of problems while using Respectance. Unfortunately we weren’t able to solve these problems within a short amount of time. This made us think of another solution to provide our users the services they deserve. The solution was to create a whole new and improved version of Respectance’s platform. Creating a new platform required a lot of thinking but one thing was for sure; everybody with a smartphone should always and everywhere have access to our platform. This changed our starting point. Respectance should be the worlds first memorial website that works great on smartphones and tablets. This gives our users the ability to post memories, photos and videos to a tribute instantly.

Social sharing #RIP

Besides being accessible always and everywhere, it should be easy to access Respectance. Nowadays almost everyone has a Facebook account and what’s more easy then connecting your Facebook account to Respectance’s new platform? That’s why we chose to add the function to signup to Respectance, using your Facebook account.

But that’s not the only Facebook functionality we’ve build into Respectance. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to share your tributes and memories on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is very easy, just click on the options button in Respectance and chose the platform you want to share your tribute or memory to.


Nelson Mandela tributeWhat is Respectance without creating tributes and sharing memories? We thought it would be nice to renew the functionalities and upgrade the designs. One of our great improvements is adding a heart to a tribute or memory. We think this is a good way of showing love and compassion to the deceased person and his or her relatives. Of course we also thought about all standard functionalities Respectance already offered. Like posting memories, photos and videos. As said before, the designs also changed. A tribute should give Respectance’s users a personal feeling. We kept this in mind with all design choices we made.

What’s next?

Now we have finished Respectance’s new platform. Of course there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we would like to ask you for your help. Please leave a comment with your improvements, ideas or feedback. Or click here to send us an email. We hope to see you soon on Respectance.

Brenda Schmitz, a real guardian Angel.

Brenda Schmitz RIP Death Cancer Letter Christmas Wish Respectance #RIP

Brenda Schmitz

“Hello my name is Brenda Schmitz. When you are in receipt of this letter i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer.”

These are the words Brenda started her letter to her husband, 4 children and her husband’s new wife with. Brenda’s final wish before she died was to mail a very special letter to a local radio station the moment her husband David had moved on in his life. Brenda really wanted her husband to find a new lovely wife to share his life with.

Brenda asked for three special gifts in the local radio station’s Christmas wish program. First was a day or weekend full of pampering for the new woman in David’s life, because she deserves it.

“Being a step-mother to all those boys and especially giving lil’ Max a “mothers love” that only she can give.”

For the family- a magical trip somewhere where they all can enjoy their company and companionship as a family and create those memories that will be with them forever.

And finally for the cancer doctors at Mercy Hospital and nurses of 8 south. A night out full of drinks, food and fun for all they do everyday for cancer patients they encounter.

This must have been a very special Christmas gift.

Watch the video with her husbands emotional reaction here:

#RIP 2013

Infographic 2013

Death by numbers

First subject on the infographic is the overall death facts of 2013. For example, did you know that last year 56.608.240 people have died, including 5.003.573 because of smoking?  Some very shocking facts you’ll never think about until you’re confronted.

famous deaths 2013

Besides that, there’s a list of the most discussed deaths in 2013. Unfortunately, this list contains some actors and actresses who died way too young, But also inspirational leader Nelson Mandela who is featured on this.

Death tweets

People sent out lots of tweets the moment they heard Nelson Mandela died, but did you they sent out a total of 7.4 million tweets? With a peak of 95.000 created tweets per minute?  This means Twitter published 1.583 tweets about Mandela per second in the first hour after he died.

Nelson Mandela RIP

Even dead people earn money; you can see this in the best earning dead celebs section. Elvis Presley’srelatives still earn about 55 million dollars a year. Michael Jackson’s relatives earn even more; about 160 million dollars a year.


Death is an increasingly popular topic on the social media. Let’s take a look at the 24h social #RIP facts. The hashtag #RIP is used over 40.000 times a day on different social media platforms. Twitter users most often use #RIP. Twitter publishes about 17.280 tweets containing #RIP a day followed by Facebook who publishes about 14.400 posts containing #RIP a day. Last place is for Instagram, who publishes about 8.620 photos containing #RIP a day

RIP Stats

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