Yeah!! we got an interview for, the biggest news site of Holland. So proud that we’re officially out. I selected the venue, hope you get it 

Mourning: the good, the bad and the ugly

Today an agent got shot in a village next to Amsterdam. It was a big shock to all people with their hearts at the right place.


I watched what happened. The main newspaper in the Netherlands, Telegraaf, wrote an article about this on the front page online. This newspaper is far ahead others, they allow their readers to react to almost all articles they write online. For this reason they will be a winner in the end. The article about this lady cop, got an enormous amount of reactions. More than any other news item. When I write this, it totalled over 800 reactions.

Then the Dutch condolence register, a bit plain but still popular, got an enormous amount of reactions. And among them a very ugly one. This again got picked up by the shockblog Geenstijl. And then people react again to this guy leaving this ugly anti-condolence to this agent.

What a circle, and how interesting to see that people are now fully and visibly involved with everything that is happening. It gives me more trust, that there are many people who think as you do yourself. You feel more understood, if you recognize yourself in these reactions.

Respectance is getting quite some press. Since we found that a lot of our users are women between 25 and 50 we got invited by This is a show broadcasted in eleven million households in the States. Rather big.

They made a special about why and how women can profit from social networking. Ranny is one of our early users. She lost her boyfriend in a tragic incident. After a couple of years she found Respectance and created a Tribute for her boyfriend Joe Woods. This has been quite an experience for Ranny, her friends and family. She is very grateful for having the opportunity to experience his life over again. It brought back a lot of memories.

When Ranny, as member of Respectance, and myself got interviewed in the studio, it was pretty emotional. But I am proud that she wanted to be featured in this show and set the example for other women. The scariest thing for living people is to be forgotten. We help them to refresh their memories and make sure that we will all have a place to keep our memories forever.

The middle photo is me with the entry badge we needed for the TV studios. They did not understand my ID, so my first name got changed into Nederlandse. That is in fact my nationality, Dutch.

The TV show will be broadcasted for the first time at October 19. After that it will be repeated and most likely be put on the internet.