Meet Facebook’s newest oldest user Maria

Earlier this year, a 101-year-old woman from Menlo Park, Calif. (in Facebook’s neighborhood) was crowned the oldest user on the social network. However, according to ABC News, a 105-year-old woman from New Mexico is the rightful owner of the title.

ABC News wrote a story about Maria Colunia Segura-Metzgar, who turned 105 earlier this week and uses Facebook to keep in touch with her children and grandchildren. One of her grandsons, who set up the profile for her, said that he tried to accurately reflect Segura-Metzgar’s birthdate, but the site rejected it.

Grandson Anthony Segura talked about his grandmother’s Facebook activity with ABC News:

I tried to sign her up on Facebook a few months ago, but it wouldn’t accept her birthdate. Then I tried again and just put in 101, and it accepted it for the timeline, even though she was 104 … Now on Facebook it says she’s 102 when, in reality, she’s 105.

Segura-Metzgar joined Facebook Aug. 31, and has 86 friends — strictly friends and relatives. Segura told ABC News that his grandmother loves to tell stories about her life and the family, and they’re interested in making use of Facebook’s timeline format to turn her profile into a virtual scrapbook.



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