10 tips over erfbelasting


Het overlijden van een dierbare is al zwaar genoeg. Na het overlijden van een dierbare worden de erfgenamen vaak overspoeld, niet enkel door emoties, maar ook door post en ‘regelwerk’. Brieven van de belastingdienst, de notaris, verzekeraars en ga zo maar door. Wij hebben voor jullie 10 tips opgesteld welke voor de erfgenamen zeer handig kunnen zijn voor de afwikkeling van de erfenis.

1. Erfenis zo snel mogelijk beneficiar aanvaarden. Beneficiar aanvaarden van de erfenis betekent dat deze alleen wordt geaccepteerd bij een positief saldo. Op deze manier beland je niet in een situatie waarbij jij als erfgenaam moet opdraaien voor de kosten wanneer er meer schulden dan bezittingen zijn. Het beneficiar aanvaarden van de erfenis dient te gebeuren via een notaris.

2. Overweeg een uitsluitingsclausule, oftewel anti-schoonzoon clausule. Zo voorkomt u dat de erfenis bij niet-directe familie terecht komt.

3. Neem een democratieclausule. Dit bepaalt dat uw nabestaanden beslissingen over de erfenis, bij meerderheid van stemmen kunnen nemen.

4. Benoem een executeur-afwikkelingsbewindvoerder, iemand die alle spullen uit de nalatenschap verkoopt en de opbrengsten over de erfgenamen verdeelt.

5. Laat een oud testament nakijken op gedateerde formuleringen.

6. Woningen voor de schenk- en erfbelasting moeten worden gewaardeerd op de WOZ-waarde. Dit kan verwarrend zijn. Maar is wel leidend.

7. Overweeg als ouder tijdens leven al bedragen te schenken aan je erfgenamen. Zo bespaar je eventueel erfbelasting.

8. Papieren schenking van ouder naar kind. Ouders schenken hun kind een bedrag en lenen het meteen terug, tegen 6 procent rente. Na overlijden betaalt het kind er geen erfbelasting over.

9. Bij de verdeling van een nalatenschap kan je aandeel als erfgenaam verbeuren als je bij de verdeling van de nalatenschap goederen verzwijgt.

10. De eerste tien jaar na emigratie worden Nederlanders voor het successierecht behandeld alsof ze nog in Nederland wonen.

Heeft u ervaringen of tips die u wilt delen, laat het ons weten. Voor vragen, opmerkingen, ervaringen en tips kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen via info@respectance.com of via onze social media kanalen.

Deel je herinneringen,

Het Respectance team

Respectance – new and simple

We’ve been working hard on the latest update of our memorial community. After the last update we received some input from users. Thank you so much for that. We have also analyzed what our current users do and don’t use a lot.

One of your comments, was that it felt too much ahead of what you were expecting. You preferred to have a simpler memorial platform to honor your loved ones, as opposed to a possible direction of bringing people together who can share their experiences or need support.

We have drawn the conclusion that it would be best to simplify things and cut down a bit on the social and community direction we could have taken on even further.

The big gift we wanted to bring you, is that all tributes will be available without payments. In all honesty, the platform started in 2006 based on personal happenings of the founders. Still we have to keep our head above the water, and have to pay for programmers, community managers and of course servers and such. That is why we need to find a model that serves the true cause of helping people keeping memories alive of loved ones and at the same time make sure that our site runs without losses.

We have now switched to a model where all tributes and memories will always be available, but with a commercial banner in it somewhere. If you do not desire such a banner in a tribute, you can simply sponsor the tribute and the banner will be gone for that period. We think this is a friendlier solution then turning tributes less visible for others when there is no sponsoring.

The other things we have done is add some features to the tribute settings. You can now change the header more easily and it will appear nicely in your normal web browser and on your smartphone. Respectance has been completely optimized so it can be used on modern web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

It’s also possible to like what others are saying with our heart symbol. And we have added a candle icon in the portraits of the lost loved ones. We think this is respectful and warm and it also helps us to differentiate between users of the platform and those who are no longer here. We want to avoid awkward situations.

The languages are under construction. We will be available in English, Dutch, Thai and Russian soon. Other languages will be added as well. This means that everybody can see the site in their own language, but the content stays the same. Imagine you live in Australia, and your nana lives in Thailand. You probably will feel comfortable in English. Your nana can also watch and participate in the site in her own Thai language. The idea is that we’re in this global village, where we share the same emotions, but the language barrier should never be in the way.

Respectance is also no longer an investor vehicle, it really is a project of serving new traditions for old unavoidable happenings by using community and new techology. The project is maintained by IIZT amsterdam, an online marketing agency. We hope to make sure that we can always profit from their insights.

As ever, we really welcome your suggestions, remarks, questions. You can always reach us via social media or via mail. On our social media we also hope to offer you inspiration and positive thoughts on dealing with loss or finding new ways.

Share your memories,
kind regards

The restart of Respectance.com

As of May 2015 we welcome Respectance as a full-fledged project within IIZT Amsterdam. After turbulent times, Respectance has grown from a start-up to a full grown project with great potential. With www.respectance.com we (re)built the world’s best memorial website. It’s a story of repositioning and sharpening a project that was far ahead of its time. Long before condoleance.nl, Respectance had already been founded. And now we’re back. Headed in a new direction.

A smaller world
With Respectance we’re moving into a new era. After a few life changing events for the founders, the platform was created in 2006. In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller, the need for a place to come together online and remember our loved-ones grows.

A new way to memorialise
Where in the old days the only way to ‘publicly memorialise’ was in the morning newspaper, the current digital age brings up a need for an online platform to mourn and reminisce. Mourning and reminiscing doesn’t happen the same way it used to, especially for the last ten years. Think of a very crowded Amsterdam Arena loudly saying goodbye to Andre Hazes. Or the fully loaded Coolsingel that accompanied Pim Fortuyn with a loud applause to his final resting place. It isn’t ‘not done’ anymore to reminisce out in the open. These past few years mourning and remembering loved ones isn’t something that we expect people to do only in private.

Online mourning
With the online reminiscing of our passed loved-ones, one of the last online taboos seem to have disappeared. We all commemorated #MH17 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And with Respectance we want to fulfill this need, no matter where you live. Respectance will be available in English, Dutch, Thai and Russian. In a globalising world language shouldn’t be an obstacle. Whether your brother lives in Moscow and your aunt in Bangkok, Respectance allows you to commemorate in the language you feel most comfortable with.

Always developing
With Respectance we want to create a platform and to build and maintain a community that is always moving. That is why we would love to hear what your needs are. Whether you prefer to mourn modestly from the comfort of your own home or like to let your heart speak online. Mourning is different for everybody and very personal. That is why we are always interested in your ways and your wishes.


Dearly missed in November

This November coverphoto contains the following people who are dearly missed. Share your memories on their tributes.

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Drugs aren’t innocent!

On Saturday August 31, a twenty year old Dutch girl called Lisa, went to a party and took a fingertip of MDMA. This led to water intoxication and eventually led to her death. Her life ended at Wednesday September 4th after a cardiac arrest.

More than eighty percent of the Dutch people use drugs at festivals. That’s what became clear to Lisa’s parents when they had spoken with Lisa’s friends and other youngsters.

Drugs are cheap

The reason for the use of hard drugs is the low price. Using hard drugs is cheaper than drinking alcohol. A pill only costs 3 Euros and is easy to get at festivals, because there are a lot of dealers. This makes the use of drugs very popular.

The parents of Lisa would like to get attention for what happened. They lost Lisa for nothing. “This death should not have happened” is what they said.

On August 31 Lisa was at Voltt, a Dutch dance festival in Amsterdam. Around 9pm Dutch time, Lisa didn’t feel well and took a cab to her hometown Leiden. A friend of hers stayed at the festival. “In the afternoon, around 5pm she took a fingertip of the MDMA powder which she bought before she went to the festival” is what she said. Lisa had already used MDMA a few times before.

“Lisa didn’t drink any alcohol during the festival” her dad says. “When she got home, her roommates stayed with her. Later that evening her situation became worse. She had to throw up a lot.”

Very thirsty

Her parents and sister think Lisa would have drunk a lot of water when she got home. Being very thirsty is one of the side effects of MDMA. “It’s like your tongue sticking to your palate” learned her sister, after she did research about MDMA on Google.

At September 1 around 4.30pm Lisa’s parents got a phone call from the Leiden University Medical Centre about Lisa being in a coma. The hospital was informed by Lisa’s roommates about her situation. Her condition had become even more worse. Lisa now had foam around her mouth and epileptic like seizures.

Drugs can shut down the kidneys, which stops you from peeing. People who drink a large amount of water, are able to poison their own bodies. A lack of salt causes swelling. The skull of a young person has no extra space in it. A swelling will pressure the brain stern, which can have fatal consequences.

Tuesday morning Lisa was declared brain dead after stopping the ventilation. Lisa was a real families person. Unfortunately she couldn’t become what she wanted to: ,,Rich’’. 


R.I.P. Lisa 9/4/13


A glimpse into the alternative death industry

Caitlin Doughty, a Los Angeles mortician, is a true champion of the alternative death industry. Today, Northern California is at the heart of the “alternative death industry”, which advocates eco-friendly, coffin-free home burials. In 2011 she founded the Order of the Good Death, an online collective committed to returning death to contemporary American life. Its mission is to cut through anxiety around death, and help people to consider their mortality anew. The interest in death was always there – but just like in any other field, modern technology has advanced the conversation.


Up to years ago, people kept bodies in their homes for a few days after death. But the corpse has been taken out of our culture, and that’s to the detriment of our relationship with death. Now burial means an embalmed body in a heavy-duty casket with a vault built over it, so that the ground doesn’t settle; basically leaving the body in many layers of denial. Engaging with the corpse is good for us, mentally and emotionally.

In California, options for disposing a loved one’s body are basic; burial, cremation, scientific donation. People make urns shaped like golf clubs, or put ashes in fireworks. That’s not innovation. “I don’t think people realise how limitless our engagement with death could be”.

Doughty is now in the process of setting up her own funeral business, as a freelance death midwife. She wants to consult those close to death, and work with funeral directors to realise the funerary desires of the deceased. Just as a wedding planner guides people through the options for the biggest day of their life, so wants Doughty to show people the possibilities for the biggest day of their death.

As to her own death? She would like to be laid out in the desert to be torn apart by animals. “I would like a wolf to eat my foot, and a vulture to pick at my eyeballs. I would like to be scavenged”, says the straight-faced mortician.


Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/death-becomes-her-meet-the-very-modern-mortician-who-champions-cool-funerals-8627550.html

Preservation of Venezuelan leader’s body not easy.

Much as we perhaps would like to; we do simply not live forever…. Even the bodies of famous world leaders like Lenin and Mao Zedong are simply illusions, with a little help from science. Only the caretakers of Hugo Chavez’ body know what they are doing in order to preserve his body.


If this were in the US, the technique used would be a simple repeat embalming. However, embalming is not meant to preserve a body for eternity, it is merely meant to delay the inevitable process of decay. That would also mean that these bodies need to be injected periodically, in order to keep the tissue moisturized. If that fails, sometimes a face mask is made, which can be placed over the flesh so it looks as if the person just died. And that is where the illusion comes in; we simply do not know if masks are used on the displayed bodies of famous world leaders.

When Mao died in 1976, Chinese doctors weren’t sure how to preserve his body. Eventually they found a formula in a Western journal in a medical library in Beijing. However, they decided to change the formula slightly, with shocking effects. Mao’s face was round as a ball, and his neck was now the width of his head,” Li Zhisui wrote in The Private Life of Chairman Mao, published outside China 18 years after Mao’s death. The team managed to restore Mao to a more normal appearance with hours of careful massage and makeup, he said, but, just in case, a wax copy of the body was readied as a stand-in Permanently staving off decomposition is no easy job.

The interesting question however is why do certain countries go through these great lengths to preserve their former leaders? For Hugo Chaves it is most likely an elevation to the league of communist deities like Lenin and Mao. Better to belong to that club, than to no club at all….


Source: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2013/mar/09/preservation-venezuelan-leader-hugo-chavezs-body-n/

Green Piece – green in the ground?

Green burials have become a growing trend lately. More and more funeral homes start offering this so called eco-friendly service. A survey conducted by funeral industry publishers Kates-Boylston Publications found that 43 percent of surveyors said they would consider a green burial. 

Judging by the number of material used for burials per year, there is definitely a need. According to Mary Woodsen, a science researcher at Cornell University, an estimated 60,000 tons of steel and 4.8 million gallons of embalming fluid are buried each year. That’s enough material to build eight Eiffel Towers. To give the slowly but gradually growing phenomenon even more kudos, there is now a committee called the Green Burial Council.

 Eco friendly burials use predominantly biodegradable material, or e-coffins. Bodies are wrapped in or placed in a pine coffin and put to rest where they then decompose and become part of the earth. It’s a nice idea to know that your body is able to return to the earth after you are put to rest. While it’s definitely a personal choice, it’s comforting knowing that you can still keep your values, even at the end; dust to dust.

The Green Burial Counsel performs ecological surveys of the cemetery grounds and sets rules that include hand-digging the grave, replacement of the same soil that was dug up, and no vault or cement grave liners. Only biodegradable material is allowed to be buried with the bodies.


Source: The Weekender – http://www.theweekender.com/news/greenpiece/511065/GREEN-PIECE-Green-in-the-ground



What Happens When Tributes Are Made Too Soon..




A father learned that his 13-year-old son had been killed in a road accident when the boy’s public school announced it on its website.

William Avery-Wright had been knocked down by a Land Rover as he crossed a main road on his way to rugby practice.

He was taken to hospital after the accident at £30,000-a-year Worth School in Crawley, West Sussex, where he was later pronounced dead.

His father, Christopher, was contacted but was only told that his son had been injured.

But as he was being driven by police to hospital, he was inundated with messages of condolence on his mobile phone from well-wishers who had read about the death on the school’s website.

Staff had posted a hasty tribute to the youngster before the 48-year-old insurance broker had been informed that he had died.

William’s mother, Lisa, was already at the hospital, but had been advised not to break the news of his death to her husband until he was there.

She said: ‘I was taken to hospital by the police. They said not to tell Christopher what had happened on the phone and that it was an appalling way to break the news.’

But the Roman Catholic boarding school wasted no time in announcing the pupil’s death online, publishing a tribute and sending out an email to parents.


Read the entire article HERE

She is gone

You can shead tears that she is gone

Or you can smile because she has lived

You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back

Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her

Or you can be full of the love that you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday

Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember her and only that she is gone

Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back

Or you can do what she would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.


Found on poeticexpressions.co.uk