PuroMarketing Blog Post

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PuroMarketing, a Spanish blog about marketing, mentioned Respectance in a blog post about special social networks. According to them Respectance is a social network for the dead, where people can honor their past away family. That’s essentialy what Respectance is. Check out the blog post HERE. It tells us some interesting facts about social networks,… Continue reading PuroMarketing Blog Post

Introducing New Respectance

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The digital afterlife goes social and so does Respectance! With the launch of the new Facebook application Respectance integrates their existing community with social network Facebook. On Respectance, users can instantly create a personalized Tribute for someone who passed away or has been missed for many years already. Family and friends come together on Respectance… Continue reading Introducing New Respectance

Life & Death

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Expecting a baby? Click here, and share it with your Facebook friends! Facebook recently introduced a new timeline event to its social network, and it’s called ‘expecting a baby’.  The new option gives users the opportunity to share that they are expecting a baby, the due date, whether it’s a boy or a girl and… Continue reading Life & Death

Nu.nl Interview

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Yeah!! we got an interview for nu.nl, the biggest news site of Holland. So proud that we’re officially out. I selected the venue, hope you get it http://www.nuzakelijk.nl/20080829/nuzakelijk-video/respectance-levendige-community-voor-doden

Mourning: the good, the bad and the ugly

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Today an agent got shot in a village next to Amsterdam. It was a big shock to all people with their hearts at the right place. I watched what happened. The main newspaper in the Netherlands, Telegraaf, wrote an article about this on the front page online. This newspaper is far ahead others, they allow their… Continue reading Mourning: the good, the bad and the ugly

Why Online? The Future of the Funeral Business

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Why online? Simply stated, the future is online. We all know the Internet can be overwhelming for first-time users. It is typical to think, “How do I find what I want? This is too much!” Butit is not as difficult as you might think.   Getting Referrals Funeral directors know the traditional venues for referrals… Continue reading Why Online? The Future of the Funeral Business

#RIP Heath Ledger

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We could not believe the news that Heath Ledger is no longer with us. You always think that you see things coming. There are some artists that are really nominated to cross the line. But we were all shocked that Heath Ledger is no longer with us. We hope that the fans will find their… Continue reading #RIP Heath Ledger


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Respectance is getting quite some press. Since we found that a lot of our users are women between 25 and 50 we got invited by better.tv. This is a show broadcasted in eleven million households in the States. Rather big. They made a special about why and how women can profit from social networking. Ranny is… Continue reading Better.tv